Vapefly Jester Pod Vape Review – The first rebuildable pod system

The Jester is the first pod system from Vapefly, and is one of the first rebuildable pods. With a 1000mAh battery and a mesh replaceable coil, the Jester is suitable for nicotine salts as well as freebase juices. Available in a range of funky designs, the Jester is sure to impress.
Vapefly Jester Pod Vape Review – The first rebuildable pod system

The Jester is the first pod system from Vapefly, and is one of the first rebuild-able pods. With a 1000mAh battery and a mesh replaceable coil, the Jester is suitable for nicotine salts as well as freebase juices. Available in a range of funky designs, the Jester is sure to impress. 

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Specs and Features

  • Size: 33 x 18.2 x 91mm
  • Battery: 1000mAh built-in Battery
  • Juice capacity: 2ml
  • Voltage range: purple light – 3.3V, blue light – 3.8V, green light – 4.8V
  • One extra mesh coil resistance: 0.5ohm
  • RBA pod included
  • Resistance Range RBA 0.8-1.5Ω


The first thing you’ll notice about the Jester pod is its bright graphic designs and unique shape. With the current trend of box pods it’s nice to see something a little different. There are seven different designs, three of which are plain and carbon fiber for those that want something more discreet. There is a design to suit everyone’s taste and style. I love the ghost design, it’s quirky and kind of cute. 

A unique feature of the Jester is the locking mechanism which secures your pod to the battery. To release the pod you press the two buttons on each side of the battery. This system ensures your pod wont come flying out if you drop your Jester. The micro USB charge port is located on the bottom of the battery. Airflow on the Jester is smooth, and provides a restricted direct lung hit. The buttons on each side cleverly disguise the airflow. 

The power button is located on the front of the Jester. LED indicator lights are behind the button. Clicking three times will change the voltage level, indicated by purple, blue, and green the highest voltage setting. Pressing the power button twice will display the current battery level. The Jester pod is made from high quality plastic with a soft feel. It’s shape is very comfortable to hold. 

Jester Pod Design


In the Jester kit you get an RBA pod as well as the mesh pod with a replaceable 0.5Ω mesh coil. Both pods have a 2ml capacity to keep in line with TPD regulations in the UK. I wish there was as slightly larger capacity, because the sub ohm mesh coil will chew through juice much more rapidly. Apart from that the mesh pod works incredibly well. With a top filling design, there’s less chance of leaks. The airflow on the mesh coil is adjustable, a control ring is located on the base of the pod. 

Another clever design feature of the Vapefly Jester pods is the hinged lid on the mesh pod. It was a little confusing when I tried to fill it for the first time. There’s a tiny little button you need to press to release the lid. A little awkward for those with big fingers, but still a clever idea. The coil inside the mesh pod can be removed and replaced. The replacement coils mean you don’t need to throw out your pod, you can just swap out the coil. 

Removing the coil was a little difficult at first, o rings keep the coil secured inside the pod, so you need to pull rather than turn to remove the coil. It’s a fairly simple process to swap out your coil, and you should be able to do so even with a little juice left in the tank. The RBA pod has a completely different design inside but is a similar shape. The RBA pod is better described as an RDTA, because of the way the cotton sits inside the tank. 

Vapefly Jester Pods


Unlike the mesh coil pod, the RBA has a lid that can be fully removed. Inside the lid is the domed chimney that sits over the deck. The Jester’s deck is completely different to the Smoant Pasito, and is the easier of the two to build on. Phillips head screws clamp down on your leads, there’s no need for pre bending. The deck comfortably fits a 2mm diameter coil, 3mm leaves little space. 

Wicking the RBA is fairly simple although I did have some trouble at first. The ends of your cotton need to be threaded down into the tank. If you leave too much cotton you risk choking off the juice from flowing to the coil. Too much cotton and you will have leaking issues. A small hole on the deck can be covered with cotton if you do have leaking issues. When correctly wicked the RBA is leak proof and provides some amazing flavour. 

The chamber of the RBA is very small which compresses the vapor, providing amazing flavour. But, this also makes the RBA prone to a build up of condensation. The only place for it to go is into the mouthpiece, which results in a little juice in your mouth. It’s not with every puff, but I do find I need to frequently clean and soak up excess juice inside the cap. 

Jester RBA


The 1000mAh battery is on par with the Pasito, a max output voltage of 4.8V is only slightly less than the output of other box style pods. The Jester has variable voltage with three levels 3.3V (Purple), 3.8V (Blue), and 4.8V (Green). To be able to vape on the higher 4.8V level your build must be within the range of 0.8-1.5Ω. When using the mesh coil the Jester will only work on the two lower voltage levels. This does somewhat limit the power of the Jester, but the battery will last longer between charges. 

Battery life is fantastic, the Jester will last 3-4 days with occasional use, and about a day and a half of moderate vaping. Charging time is around an hour, and the Jester does have pass-through so you can still vape as it charges. When fully charged the red indicator will turn off. Power output does seem to reduce as the battery discharges below 50%, still enough to produce some dense clouds.

Flavour and Clouds

One of the benefits to having a rebuild-able pod is being able to build to your tastes. The Jester’s RBA lacks adjustable airflow and lends itself more to mouth to lung style vaping. Although you can direct lung with the RBA it’s going to be suited for higher resistance nicotine salt vaping. If you want to use the highest voltage setting you need to keep the resistance of your coil above 0.8Ω. I tested the RBA with some 28g SS316L with 10 wraps, this was the perfect build for the RBA and running at 4.8V, seems to be the sweet spot for both flavour and clouds. 

The mesh coil in the kit has a resistance of 0.5Ω although, it looks like Vapefly are also releasing a 1.7Ω mesh coil. One of the great things about the Jester is that it is suited to both freebase nicotine juices and nicotine salts. I’ve been using freebase juice in both the RBA and mesh pod, flavour is only slightly muted in the mesh coil compared to the RBA. Whichever pod you choose, you’re going to be impressed with the flavour and amount of clouds from such a small pod. 

Vapefly Jester Pod
  • Flavour - 8/10
  • Clouds - 8/10
  • Design - 9/10
  • Features - 7/10

Bottom Line

The Vapefly Jester offers choice, sub ohm vaping in a pod with nic salts or regular eliquid. You can switch between MTL and DL with the mesh coil. While the RBA lacks adjustable airflow control, you can build to suit your own tastes. Whether you’re looking for flavour or clouds the RBA competently does both. There are a few minor changes I would make to the Jester, such as an LED screen to read resistance, and adjustable airflow on the RBA. But, overall the Jester is a great pod that offers the convenience of size with the flavour of a sub ohm setup. 

Vapefly have included some clever solutions to problems in the Jester pod, such as a locking mechanism to secure the pod, and a child safety cap to prevent leaking or an accident. While the RBA deck is small it still has the same easy to build style deck that Vapefly are known for. Rebuild-able pods can provide some amazing flavour and the Jester has been no exception. I rate the Jester pod a 9/10 for flavour I really can’t fault it. The overall design works well but, I wish you weren’t limited to building above 0,8Ω and that you could read the resistance of your coil on the pod itself. In view of that I rate the Jester overall an 8/10. 



  • Amazing flavour from a pod, the mesh coil has great flavour, and the RBA is even better. 
  • The 1000mAh battery will last you the whole day or longer, on par with the Smoant Pasito. 
  • Easy to build RBA, it may be small but it’s very simple to install your coil. 
  • The designs for the Jester are really cool, there’s something to suit everyone. 
  • The clouds are really amazing for such a tiny pod, the Jester doesn’t feel underpowered. 
  • Adjustable airflow on the mesh coil means you can restrict the airflow for MTL htis. 
  • Although restrictive the Jester is capable of both MTL and DL


  • When using the mesh coil you are limited to only the two lover voltage levels, if you RBA build is under 0.8Ω you also cannot use the top voltage setting of 4.8V
  • No adapter for building on a mod, so there is no way to read the resistance of your build, a small LED screen with this info would be a good inclusion. 
  • The RBA can be difficult to wick due to the need to feed wicks down into the tank, but it’s still easy to build on and does remain leak free. 
  • The RBA doesn’t have adjustable airflow which makes it a little restrictive, but you can still direct lung with the RBA.
  • Condensation build up inside the pod, occasionally leaves you with a little juice in your mouth. 
  • No window to check juice levels means that you have to fully remove the pod to check. The plastic isn’t very opaque so you need to hold it up to the light to check.
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